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Florida A/C 101

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So, last week I was down in Florida visiting some friends that I’ve known forever. Paul and I go back about a hundred years. . . .

We went to college together. He majored in World Religions (what do you do with a major like that?) and me in Business for Music. With a minor in composing.

We were in a band together in those days. He was a killer bass player and I was a not-so-killer keyboard player. The band put up with my mediocre skills because I wasn’t a flake. I showed up when I said I’d show up. When it comes to musicians, that’s a big plus. I think musicians can be the biggest flakes in the galaxy. But I digress. . . .

So we were in a band together, and amazingly, the band did really well (despite my mediocre keyboard skills). There was a talent scout there one day from Nashville, and he saw a concert of ours in the student union, and he came up afterward and talked to us. Invited us to Nashville for whatever they called it back then—basically an audition.

We packed up all of our gear on the appointed day, drove four hours to Music City, did our audition, and two weeks later had a signed contract. Yeah, I know, we thought we were in a dream.

Ended up being together as a band for ten years. We produced nine cds, did several national tours, and made a pile of money. Who would ever have thought? Paul’s World Religions major didn’t help much, except that he could speak intelligently to our entire fan base regarding whatever religious views they held, lol.

My major really helped a lot. The stuff I learned in school combined with what we experienced actually doing music as business really helped. I saved our skin a bunch of times and definitely made us more money than if I had not had that major.

So, anyway, back to last week. . . .

Paul and I have kept up our friendship since the band split up. He moved to Florida and started, of all things, an a/c business called World-class A/C.  You can visit the site: http://www.airconditioningstcloud.com

He does central FL residential A/C and central FL commercial A/C. If you’re in St. Cloud, and you Google A/C companies near me (or A/C company St Cloud or A/C company Kissimmee), his outfit comes up near the top of the first page.

While I was there, he got called out at 1:30 one morning to fix someone’s damn A/C. Really? They couldn’t wait 6 hours to call him at a civilized hour?

It was my introduction to life in a business that offers emergency A/C service and 24 hour A/C service! Ugh!

I learned more than I ever needed to know about air conditioning in my week with Paul. Rheem, Trane, Del-Aire . . . these are actual names of a/c equipment companies. Who knew? Then again, I’m not in that world much so I guess that’s why I don’t know.

Anyway, besides learning all I ever wanted to know about air-conditioning and more, I had a great time with Paul and his awesome wife, Jana. Great peeps. Can’t wait to go back and see them again.

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