Mark and the Time Machine

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Mark and the Time Machine

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At the turn of the century, a new invention rocked the world at its core. This invention changed the history of the world, changed everything everyone knew. It affected each and every man, woman and child. The days ahead would be unlike any in the past, but at the same time, the future might be exactly like the past. But no one could speculate on that now, could they?

As the year turned from 2999 to 3000, a small team of top secret scientists found a way to transfer masses of molecules along the space time continuum. In other world, the scientists found a way to travel in time.

Mark Luther, the lead scientist and genius, stepped onto the launch pad. The rest of the team aimed several large dishes and lasers, pinpointing key spots on the young man’s body. He took a deep breath and told the team to begin preparations.

Levers were pulled, dials were read, re-read, and analyzed. Mark Luther stood still in the center of the lab, waiting. He was silent, as was the rest of the team. The nervousness could be felt in the air. Tension flowed freely through the air, affecting everyone.

As the final preparations were made, someone gave Mark Luther a thumbs up; a shaky thumbs up.

He breathed in. He looked around. He saw the faces of his friends, his family, in this meagre group of scientists.

He told them he loved all of them, and then gave the go-ahead.

The second in command counted down from ten. When he reached 5, he was the only one not holding their breath. He pulled a lever, and Mark’s eyes went black.

All Mark knew for the next several minutes was pain. He felt all the pain of his past and present. He felt all the pain he would ever experience in his life at once.

He tried to scream, his lungs on fire, but no sound came out. If it did, it was lost, exiting somewhere in time.

This pain lasted just a second. It also lasted Mark Luther’s entire life. It lasted every second that ever existed.

Mark found himself lying on the ground. He didn’t open his eyes, though. He felt the ground. It was hard. It felt smooth, like marble.

He opened his eyes. He lay on his back, on a completely smooth ground, black as sin.

He looked side to side. The ground was perfectly smooth, reaching out in all directions. The black ground was like a mirror, but it changed and darkened all it reflected.

Mark looked down into it and saw himself. He saw himself but it wasn’t himself. It was all his fears, all his darknesses, all his secrets, all manifested into a physical form. The real Mark Luther and the reflection Mark Luther were one and the same, but were polar opposites.

Mark couldn’t bear to look at his reflection. He looked towards the sky instead. It was nighttime, the stars looked magnificent. Mark thought about where he could possibly go. He didn’t know if he was in the future or the past. Mark decided to close his eyes again. Mark fell asleep.

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