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Video Gaming Benefits

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video games

Kids are playing a lot of video games these days. One might hear the elderly groaning about how bad of an influence games are to kids. However, the truth is that while some games might not be the best, there are some games, like the Sims franchise, that are very beneficial to the youth of our age.

In an amazing turn of events, the invention meant to be a pastime now has the potential to teach life lessons; even if they’re subliminal.

In the Sims games, you start out with a small amount of money and are left to fend for yourself. This prompts the first of many lessons; without a job, you’ll quickly run out of money and actually lose what little belongings you possess. As the job selection process begins, you’re taught yet another lesson.

In the Sims games, you have to find a job that suits you. One that you’re good at, but more importantly, enjoy. If you have a drag job that you hate, your happiness level goes down and you begin to get the negative side effects of that.

Maybe not at first, but when you’re all grown up and all you’ve accomplished is a mediocre paying desk job, you’ll surely feel the effects setting in.

In addition to actually getting a job, job performance plays a big role, and is, in turn, a lesson. Slacking off at work results in a lower job performance and may eventually lead to being fired. Not going to work definitely doesn’t end well either.

Related to money, taxes are also part of the game. When you have a house, you pay taxes. It’s as simple as that. If you try to get out of paying taxes, you get money and possessions repossessed. So saving and delegating part of your fund to taxes and bills and part of it to recreational buying is very important, as it is in real life.

Despite all the money lessons this simple game can teach you, it also enforces some of the other aspects of life.

Neglect of a pet or child does not go without due punishment. If left too long, uncared for or forgotten, your pet or child will get progressively worse until it gets to a point of no return.

Then the government steps in and actually removes whatever child or pet is in uncaring hands.

As time goes on, you may have several generations living in one house. However, someone will eventually want to move away. As teens become young adults, and as they continue growing, they become uneasy and restless living in their parents’ homes forever. So they become saving and saving their money.

Here’s where college and higher education play into the life lessons shown in the Sims Franchise. You can actually save up for a degree and go to college!

This launches a whole new batch of lessons about making friends, studying, and the importance of going to class and making absolutely sure you do all of your homework.

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